How to make a play mailbox

The excitement of collecting the mail is an age-old fun tradition for children. They are yet to be bitten by the sting of adulthood that brings with it the postal expectation of bills, bills, and more bills. It's a beautiful, creative time in little explorers lives. To make this time even more magical, I've created a mailbox freebie printable to set your little explorer(s) imagination on its course to creative freedom (not that they needed much of a nudge). It's a super simple and easy printable to use. 

Supplies Needed

> printer 
> paper 
> old cardboard box 
> craft knife 
> tape 
> scissors 
>  tack/putty 

Step One: download the free mailbox printable here.

Step Two: print the mailbox printable.

Step Three: find an old cardboard box that you can reuse. Here's my cardboard box beauty which also happens to double as undeniable evidence of the love I have for Kmart (down under version of Target really).

I've intentionally reused instead of buying new because a) I've striving to consume less and b) I want you to be reassured that new isn't an essential ingredient for children to have fun (in fact they will probably destroy a new box to the point of looking resued in 0.000348 seconds anyway). But use whatever works best for you.

Step Four: trim the two pages if desired

Step Five: put tack/putty on all four edges of the two pages and then stick them onto the box on two opposite sides. Leave enough room at the bottom of the collection side to cut-out a collection flap.

Step Six: Cut-out a collection flap using your craft knife. I did a bit of a rough job, I think my craft knife is nearing retirement.

Step Seven: push in two opposites of the top flaps of the cardboard so that they are flush with the inside of the box.

Step Eight: fold down the last two flaps as usual and then tape them down.

Step Nine: stand back and soak in your latest creation.

Adaption: if you don't have a box that will easily fold the flaps down, or if you do this and the gap is too big for the post slot then you will need to sellotape all four flaps as they would usually go and then cut-out with your craft knife a post slot.

My daughter loves her mailbox. We use it along with her Post Office Dramatic Playset for imaginary play time. If you want your own copy of this set then click here to check it out on my website

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