How we meet

Every one of us who has a relationship with someone or something has a how we meet tale that is lurking underneath their tongues. This is my how we meet story between the website (as a cool nickname it is also known as TPT) and I.

It all happened while I was at teacher training school. I was wrapping up my final practicum (placement) and wanted to give the students in my class a token of my appreciation to them for being super awesome. So I had a think. What do children like? The answer didn't take me a minute, nor did it take me two. Sadly, the answer to my query was answered not only by me,  but also by the loud consumeristic cultural around me. Sugar. It was everywhere and children love it more than anything. This is not surprising considering the addiction that comes with the sweet goodness.

It was at this point where I took my teacher hat off and put my passionate health spokesperson hat on (made only with environmentally sustainable material of course). I thought to myself that there must be a better way. At this point I did what any desperate human who is in need of information now would do and I turned to Mr. Google. No sooner had I tapped away at ideas for gifts for kids that I found the heaven that is To my joy I came across some certificates that became my end of year gifts for the kids. After printing them out and realising that they were not quite right for my kids, I questioned if there was a better way. I thought about how fun it would be to make my own certificates that mixed my background of marketing and teaching in one. So I did.

And the rest is history.