How to have fun with the Easter Bunny in your classroom

For children, the bunnies and the vividly-coloured eggs are the centrepieces of Easter celebrations and Easter-related activities. The younger they are, the more captivating the Easter Bunny is.

Naturally, a charismatic bunny is an excellent character to incorporate into Easter-related classroom activities. Let's explore some of them.

Bunny cardboard and paper masks

The typical bunny facial and bodily features make it a perfect model for making masks and costumes since the basic bunny outlines can be simplified and adapted without losing the basic composition. That makes the bunny mask crafting suitable for any age. There is an almost endless amount of resources and inspirational tutorials for bunny masks online. To be mindful of our environment aim to use repurposed materials.

Bunny egg basket

Customize an egg basket by adding bunny features - the head, the feat, and the tail, for example. Take a few baskets and divide students into an equal number of groups. Each will work on their own basket, practising motoric skills and teamwork. At the end, you will all enjoy the diversity of Easter creations.

Handprint bunny Easter card

You can help your students make easy, personalised Easter gift cards featuring a hand-printed bunny on the front. It is easy to print a bunny by hand. Paint the palm and the fingers with white or another watercolour. The child should press the painted hand onto paper so that fingers will form the bunny's ears as nearly as possible. Facial features of the bunny can also be painted by dipping the fingers in paint, but can also be drawn or glued. Handprint holiday cards are popular with parents since they incorporate the child's handprint, which is always a precious memory.

Marshmallow Easter bunny

When you think about it, the cylindrical shape and the smooth white surface of a marshmallow make it a perfect material for forming a chubby white Easter bunny. There are several ways to go about it, but each will result in a sweet bunny treat.

Make a trip to a petting zoo or a farm

If the circumstances will allow and there is a petting zoo or a children's farm reasonably near your school or kindergarten, why not go out and meet Mr. Bunny in person?

Petting farms are a great way for children to bond with animals - science proves that contact with tame animals reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure, and also facilitates the development of empathy in children. Farms are also a great way to hear where our food - such as Easter eggs - actually come from. And since it is springtime, you can count that the farm will be at it's best - with lots of cute animal offspring running around.

Whatever you happen to pick, it is certain that bunny crafts and activities will bring a lot of joy and smiles into your classroom.

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