What is Teaching?

As teachers we all know that feeling of being out of control. Teachers have to wear so many different hats that symbolise anything from being a counsellor to being a cleaner. That is why I believe teaching can feel like you are driving a car without a steering wheel. This got me thinking. What other things can we compare teaching to using the language feature of a smilie? 

Aren't teachers full of fun ideas? 

  1. Teaching is like looking for an invisibility cloak in a massive bowl of raspberry jelly 
  2. Teaching is like trying to dial a number on your smart phone without using the touch screen 
  3. Teaching is like drinking through a straw when you don't have a straw. All you have is an eager mouth that momentarily tries to be a vacuum before accepting the laws of gravity 

My point here, is that teaching is unmeasurable in so many ways. You see as much as we preach for our students to use engaging language like smilies (like what I did there?), they simply don't fit in a teaching context. 

So I will leave you with the one statement of which I believe to be true. 

Teaching is when you defy the odds of probability and remain charged even when your battery gets to 0%, because your love for those kids is beyond the job. It is even beyond your imagination.