Are you looking for a way to help lessen your teaching workload, while not compromising on the quality of education your students get? 
Fantastic. Because that’s exactly what I do.
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The name people holla at me to get my attention is Lucy. 
I have a background in both teaching and marketing. Upon hearing this, most human-beings say something along the lines of, oh but those two professions are completely different. My response: a real life sassy face palm. You see, education requires us to engage our learners, and engagement requires the right kind of marketing to get people on board. A plain worksheet on the common core standards that is just text based and is about people in the 20s will not appeal to many children. However, a fun graphic splashed real-world aligned series of worksheets can not only grab the attention of a class, but it can also be the entire foundation of a child’s mathematical learning.
OK, we get it you went to university and traded a lifetime of earnings for a bit of paper (or two). Go you. But who are you really? 
I thought you would never ask. In my spare time I am currently preparing for motherhood with my first baby (so exciting!) on the way. I am now a mom to a beautiful wee girl and sparetime is no longer a thing. I also love to dance (hip hop), travel (around New Zealand), educate myself (books and yarning to people), and spend time with loved ones.
Feel free to follow me on my social media if you want to get to know me some more (selfies will not be featured, that craze hasn’t hit this small part of New Zealand yet. We are still waiting for the world wide web; whatever that is). 


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