Once upon a time, there was a year known as 2014. It was the first year that the Beyond Imagination Teaching Resources had made an appearance in the world. Their creator, Lucy, had just finished up with her second round of university. With a fresh Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching in her hand and a twinkle in her eye, she did the logical thing and moved completely rural -with no school in near sight. There she worked hard to join her two university disciplines together (Communications + Primary Teaching) into one sweet recipe for creative and educational resources. Even with the distractions of moos and the river calling her name in the hot NZ summer, she powered on through with her dream.  This was when she built the foundations of what Beyond Imagination is today. Her store is based on her values of empathy, fun, whanau, adventure, respect, and equality. 

Now, in 2020, Beyond Imagination has reached approximately one million children all around the world. The store is on track to be the only store worldwide with all 193 countries of the world by Dec 31st, 2020. Meaning no matter what country a child's roots are from, their country will be represented. 

Beyond Imagination is known for its country studies, celebration studies, people studies (women of history, black history), dramatic play, and modern sex education that is inclusive of all humans. 


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