It’s a pleasure to meet you. People get my attention by calling me Lucy, and I’m a proud teacher-author. I’m fortunate to live down under in the beautiful country of New Zealand. The gorgeous scenery here drives my inspiration to make engaging resources that students just adore.

I love creating resources that save teachers, parents, and caregivers valuable time which they can then better use by spending time with loved ones or looking after their own physical and mental wellbeing. As a mom (or as we say down here "mum") myself I know how important family time is and prioritizing creating happy memories is so essential to our overall health.

I'm lucky to have the rare combination of backgrounds in both marketing and teaching, so my resources are both attractive for learners to engage with and meet educational learning needs.

Feel free to browse my online store here to see the fun collection of resources I have available for you. 

Lucy x


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