Five ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in the classroom

Mother's Day is one of the most heartwarming holidays you can celebrate with your students in the classroom. Kids are usually very clear about how much they love their moms... well, at least until they hit puberty!  Use the children's natural openness for expressing emotions towards their loved ones to get creative on occasion of the Mother's Day.

Idea #1: Lineage of moms

Before you dive into creativity, talk to your students about family lineages from their mother's side. The point of this exercise is to explain that mothers also have mothers - our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and all their female ancestors, that are directly responsible for why we exist today. Also, give credit to other mothering figures, such as aunts or other cousins, or significant people such as teachers and nannies. Describe mothering as a superpower that all women have inside of them. And perhaps not just women - tell them that even dads can awaken the same superpower within them because the source of that power is - love. 

Talking about motherhood in this way will be inclusive of the kids who unfortunately have lost their moms or those who do not have moms in their lives for one reason or another. If you approach the issue in this inclusive manner from the very start, these children won't feel like an exception if they choose to make the card for their grandmother, aunt or their dad. You can also encourage other children to make an additional card if they would like that.

Idea #2: Sing about mothers 

There are many beautiful songs about mothers. Make a list of up to three songs and learn to sing them in class. If you have students who are native speakers of some other language, ask them if they know songs about moms in their mother tongue. They could translate parts of the songs and then teach the other children some fragments of the original. That way you get extra cross-cultural fun while acknowledging that mothers are equally admired all over the world.

Idea #3: Write a poem for moms

After getting inspiration from all of the songs, use them to write an original poem or poems for Mother's Day. While writing poems is often regarded as a solitary activity, you can make it a joint effort. That way you can explore the basics of poem writing with your students. Note that this might not be practical if your class is too big. In that case, resort to individual writing, but keep it very short so that you can help everybody who might need assistance. 

Idea #4: Make cards

Cards are an unavoidable part of any mothers day, and that's exactly the way it should be - they are ideal, unpretentious, and easy to make gifts. Additionally, you can talk about the symbolism of colors - why are the Mother's Day cards pink or red? If you've already written poems, the kids can write them or put them in their cards.

Idea #5: Celebrating the day itself

Many schools and educational institutions organize celebrations for Mother's Day. The event can sum up all the other activities you've explored. It is a perfect opportunity to present your poem and sing the songs you've learned.

Decorate the classroom with flowers and help children prepare simple snacks for their moms - as their mothers and mother-figures do for them every day. That way you will complete the circle of care and love, which is the essence of the Mother's Day and being a mom.

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