2016 Presidential Election for Students

Want to get inspired with fun ways to teach your children about the 2016 presidential election? Then look no further. Here are four fun ways to educate your students while at the same time engaging them with their learning. 

One: Hold Classroom Debates 

Who doesn't love a good debate? Teaching children how to debate allows them to express their ideas without getting into an argument with one another. For less confident learners, try giving them debate topics and even sides. For more advanced learners, allow them more creative freedom and the ability to decide on where they stand on an issue or topic. A quick version of this activity can be done by the teacher making a statement such as, "we need to help the homeless more" and then the students decide on where they literally "stand" on the issue by placing themselves at certain spots in the classroom. One end (which you have decided on and discussed with the kids) is for those that strongly support your statement, with the other end being those who strongly oppose. 

Important Note: your students should be encouraged to not stand in the middle. 

Two: Hold a Classroom Election 

Role playing is a great way for students to learn as it engages all different types of learners (visual, doers, etc.). After all, what is more fun than actually holding a classroom election for yourselves? This could be done in a range of different ways. You could hold an election where someone is actually trying to be the classroom president. Or, you could hold elections where every student gets a role, but they must apply and campaign in order to get selected for each role. 

Looking for premade voting forms? Fun voting tabs are included in my Election 2016 Booklet. 

Three: Study Past Political Candidates 

It is important for learners to learn about past as well as present presidential elections. The past is the foundation for our future, so learning about the history of politics allows your students to have a more diverse perspective on politics. 

Four: Hold Classroom Polls and Analyze Them 

The ability for your students to develop their own perspectives on even the minute details allows them to develop their own selves. This development is essential to their developmental growth. Holding polls around things from what whiteboard maker color makes people learn the best to should uniforms be worn in every school can be polled. 

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